The Mesnik Group

We are strategists. Creative thinkers.

Masters of the big picture and connectors of dots.

We are storytellers, pied pipers, creators and caretakers of brands.


Led by Denyse Smith Mesnik, APR *, The Mesnik Group offers expert public relations, strategic communications and creative marketing solutions. A career public relations specialist, Denyse’s successful corporate tenure in radio broadcasting embedded a passion for – and garnered relationships in – media and music. These are communities with which the firm is closely aligned.

External and internal messaging, strategic planning sessions, marketing campaigns, media outreach, corporate communications and community relations are among Denyse’s proficiencies and The Mesnik Group’s services. These skills extend from the macro to micro level as needed when it’s time to put “pen to paper” in the writing of press releases, newsletters and speeches.

Founded on core values of integrity, credibility and dependability – cornerstones that remain firm – The Mesnik Group’s expertise is increasing brand awareness, inspiring loyalty for products and services and motivating target audiences and internal teams.

*Accredited in Public Relations